Nina Shortridge
​Textile Artist
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Artist’s Statement

As an artist and a quilt maker, my interest lies in creating images and capturing moments that have inspired me or touched me in some moving way. Rather than using literal or realistic content, I try to capture my inspiration in the form of a certain texture, line, shape or a wash of color that is reminiscent of the moment I am attempting to document through my art.

My process begins with a basic idea, is very free form and intuitive. I create as I work, using my fabric as my paint, allowing the idea to take on a life of its own and following where it leads.

The names of my quilts are equally as abstract because I want the viewer to be free to look at the work and take away what they might find, not what has been my own inspiration. 

Artist’s Bio

Nina Shortridge is a Marin County textile artist, whose award winning artwork has been displayed in numerous publications as well as juried exhibits and galleries throughout the United States, Europe and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work is displayed in corporate buildings and museums and is included in several private collections. Ms. Shortridge can be seen in the documentary film “Woman’s Work: Making Quilts – Creating Art”, a film by Charlotte Grossman featuring the Faultline Studio Artists, of which she is a member. She is also a member of California Fiber Artists.

Born and raised in Colorado, Nina is a graduate of California State University at Fullerton, where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She began quilting in 1993. In addition to commercial cottons, her materials include ethnic textiles from various countries, her own silk screened, printed, painted and dyed cloth and thread plus her hand painted portraits and original designs.

"Zimbabwe Moon"
© Nina Shortridge 2012